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Februar 1998



Since its founding at Northwestern University in 1964, TriQuarterly has remained one of the most widely admired and important literary magazines in the country. Now, after one hundred issues and thirty-three years of the liveliest and best contemporary writing, TriQuarterly joins the publishing program at Northwestern University Press. At the same time, Susan Hahn has assumed the editorship of the magazine, with plans to inaugurate a series of interviews with American playwrights, while continuing to publish gifted poets and fiction writers, as well as ongoing selections from Tolstoy's correspondence in English.TriQuarterly is dedicated to new writing both domestic and international, from writers emerging and established. Among the tremendously diverse poets and writers whose work has appeared in its pages are Jorge Luis Borges, Grace Paley, John Barth, Nadine Gordimer, Gary Snyder, Vladimir Nabokov, bell hooks, Tobias Wolff, Helene Cixous, Czeslaw Milosz, Rita Dove, Stanley Elkin, Wislawa Szymborska, Raymond Carver, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. As the Times Literary Supplement put it, "perhaps most importantly of all in an American context, (TriQuarterly) has sought consistently to act as intermediary between America and the outside world". The New York Times called TriQuarterly "perhaps the preeminent journal for literary fiction" in the country.This March, TriQuarterly #101 will feature fiction by John Barth, Richard Burgin, Daniela Crasnaru, Stephen Dixon, William Donaghue, Becky Hagenston and Mabelle Hsueh; poetry by David Baker, Sandra M. Gilbert, Linda Gregg, Karl Kirchwey, Michael McFee, Sharon Olds, Jacqueline Osherow, Alan Michael Parker, Carl Phillips,and Moira Linehan; Marilyn Hacker's translation of poetry by Claire Malroux; Ha Jin's sequence of poems, "The Last Barbarians"; a novella by Chaim Potok; and artwork by Mark Strand.


Susan Hahn was born and raised in and around Chicago. She is the author of numerous poetry collections, including "Harriet Rubin's Mother's Wooden Hand"" "(1991) and" Incontinence" (1993).
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