Troubleshooting Marine Diesel Engines

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This densely illustrated, hands-on guide to diesel engine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair renders its subject more user-friendly than ever before. Finally, boatowners who grew up with gas engines can set aside their fears about tinkering with diesels, which are safer and increasingly more prevalent. As in other volumes in the International Marine Sailboat Library, every step of every procedure is illustrated, so that users can work from the illustrations alone. The troubleshooting charts in the second chapter--probably the most comprehensive ever published--are followed by system-specific chapters, allowing readers to quickly diagnose problems, then turn to the chapter with solutions. Diesel engine systems covered include: mechanical; oil; fresh- and raw-water cooling; low- and high-pressure fuel; exhaust; starting; charging; transmission and stern gear.


AcknowledgementsIntroductionMaintaining Your DieselGood Operating ProceduresRoutine MaintenanceSurveying the Engine<h5>The Initial Inspection<h5>The Startup<h5>The Sea TrialPreventing CorrosionLaying Up or "Winterizing" a DieselTroubleshooting Marine DieselsMain MenuCheck Crankshaft Turns FreelyPerformance ProblemsOil ProblemsExcessive Exhaust SmokeTemperature ProblemsNoise and Vibration ProblemsStarting System ProblemsCharging System ProblemsTurbocharger ProblemsFuel System Functional CheckEngine Fails to StopThe Mechanical SystemEngine BlockCylinder HeadCrankshaftTiming GearsValvesPistons and CylindersEngine MountsEngine AlignmentTable of Mechanical System FaultsThe Lubrication SystemOilOil PumpOil Pressure - Regulating ValveOil FilterPriming the Oil SystemOil ContaminationTable of Lubrication System FaultsThe Raw-Water CircuitRaw-Water StrainerRaw-Water PumpReconditioning a Raw-Water PumpHeat Exchangers and Oil CoolersSacrificial Anodes, or "Zincs"Antisiphon ValvesRaw-Water HosesHose ClampsRaw-Water ThermostatsTable of Raw-Water Circuit FaultsThe Coolant CircuitCoolantHeader TankThermostatCirculating PumpV-BeltCoolant-Circuit HosesTable of Coolant Circuit FaultsThe Fuel SystemFuelFuel TanksPrimary FilterFuel Lift PumpSecondary Fuel FilterGovernorInjector PumpCold-Starting AidsFuel InjectorsAir in the Fuel SystemTable of Fuel System FaultsThe Intake and Exhaust SystemAir-Intake FilterExhaust ManifoldExhaust Injection ElbowExhaust HoseMufflers and Lift BoxesExhaust BackpressureTurbochargersIntercoolersTable of Intake and Exhaust System FaultsThe Electrical SystemBatteriesBattery SwitchesAlternatorStarter MotorTypical Engine-Installation Circuit DiagramTable of Electrical System FaultsControls and InstrumentsThrottle ControlsGear-Selector ControlsEngine-Stop ControlsControl CablesTachometersEngine-Panel GaugesWarning CircuitsTable of Control and Instrument FaultsAppendix: Diesel Engine ToolkitIndexCopyright InformationAbout the Author


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