The Twilight of the Intellectuals: Culture and Politics in the Era of the Cold War

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September 2000



Here, Hilton Kramer explores the intellectual histories of the Cold War and its divisive impact on US politics and culture. Tracing the critical debate over communism and modernism, he surveys the writers who were in the forefront of that debate and the issues that animated their controversies.


Part 1 Acknowledgements vii Part 2 Introduction: On the Style and Politics of an Intellectual Class xi Part 3 IN THE SERVICE OF STALINISM Chapter 4 Whittaker Chambers: Thinking about Witness 3 Chapter 5 Whittaker Chambers: The Judgment of History 23 Chapter 6 Who Was Josephine Herbst? 32 Chapter 7 The Life and Death of Lillian Hellman 59 Chapter 8 The Blacklist Revisited 70 Chapter 9 Nora Sayre's Sentimental "Journey" 81 Part 10 THE TWILIGHT OF THE NEW YORK INTELLECTUALS Chapter 11 The Edmund Wilson Centenary 95 Chapter 12 The Follies of Dwight MacDonald 107 Chapter 13 Mary McCarthy & Company 118 Chapter 14 The Role of Sidney Hook 129 Chapter 15 Irving Howe: "Socialism is the Name of Our Desire" 149 Chapter 16 Diana Trilling and the Politics of Psychoanalysis 157 Chapter 17 Saul Bellow, Our Contemporary 167 Part 18 FROM MODERNISM TO THE "NEW SENSIBILITY" Chapter 19 Clement Greenberg in the Forties 183 Chapter 20 Clement Greenberg and the Cold War 195 Chapter 21 Lincoln Kristen and the "Aesthetic" Generation 207 Chapter 22 The "Apples" of Meyer Schapiro 214 Chapter 23 Susan Sontag: The Pasionaria of Style 222 Part 24 "CLOSING TIME IN THE GARDENS OF THE WEST" Chapter 25 Cyril Connolly's Horizon 235 Chapter 26 An Orwell for the Nineties 248 Chapter 27 Bloomsbury Idols 258 Chapter 28 The Tynan Phenomenon 275 Chapter 29 The Flowers of Sartre's Grave 285 Part 30 THE STRANGE FATE OF LIBERAL ANTI-COMMUNISM Chapter 31 What Was the Congress for Cultural Freedom? 305 Chapter 32 Life After Liberalism: The New Republic at Eighty 319 Chapter 33 Reflections on Partisan Review 334 Part 34 Afterword 349 Part 35 Index 361


Hilton Kramer is editor of The New Criterion and author of The Age of the Avant-Garde and The Revenge of the Philistines. He is also art critic of the New York Observer.


An important book...a series of brilliant estimates.--Kenneth S. Lynn "The Wall Street Journal "
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