Urban America: Policy Choices for Los Angeles and the Nation

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Mai 1995



Examines issues related to crime, drug use, families, poverty, the income gap, education, health care, immigration, and homelessness in today's urban areas. RAND's perennial top seller.


Public policy and the inner city across three decades / Robert A. Levine and Barbara R. Williams -- The widening income and wage gap between rich and poo trends, causes, and policy options / Lynn A. Karoly -- Families, children, poverty, policy / Julie DaVanzo -- Helping urban teenagers avoid high-risk behavior : what we've learned from prevention research / Phyllis L. Ellickso -- Urban education / Paul T. Hill -- Crime and punishment in California : fu cells, empty pockets, and questionable benefits / Joan Petersilia -- Reformi California's approach to delinquent and high-risk youth / Peter W. Greenwood Street drug markets in inner-city neighborhoods : matching policy to reality Peter H. Reuter and Robert J. MacCoun -- Financing public services in Los Angeles / Preston Niblack and Peter J.E. Stan -- Needed : a federal role in helping communities cope with immigration / Georges Vernez -- Providing heal care for the uninsured and underinsured in Los Angeles County / Robert E. Tranquada and Peter A. Glassman -- Getting nowhere : homeless people, aimles policy / Paul Koegel and Audrey Burnam.
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