Intensive One-Session Treatment of Specific Phobias

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Mai 2012



Whether it's dogs, spiders, blood, heights or some other fear, specific phobias are one of the most prevalent mental health problems, affecting as many as one in eight people. In recent years, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has emerged as particularly effective in treating young people and adults with specific phobias. And of these methods, one-session treatment stands out as a long-lasting, cost-effective intervention of choice.
Intensive One-Session Treatment of Specific Phobias not only provides a summary of the evidence base, it also serves as a practical reference and training guide. This concise volume examines the phenomenology, epidemiology, and etiology of phobias, laying the groundwork for subsequent discussion of assessment strategies, empirically sound one-session treatment methods, and special topics. In addition, expert contributors address challenges common to exposure therapy, offer age-appropriate guidelines for treating young clients, and describe innovative computer-assisted techniques.
Organized to be read individually or in sequence, chapters delve into key areas, including:
  • Evidence-based assessment and treatment of specific phobias in children, adolescents, and adults.
  • One-session treatment theory and practice with children, adolescents, and adults.
  • Handling difficult cases of specific phobias in youth.
  • Interventions for specific phobias in special populations.
  • Training and assessing therapists in one-session treatment.
  • Ethical issues in considering exposure.
Intensive One-Session Treatment of Specific Phobias is an essential resource for researchers, clinicians, and graduate students in child, school, clinical, and counseling psychology; social work; and general and special education.


Preface;  T. E. Davis III, T. H. Ollendick, L.-G. Öst.- PART
Chapter 1: Specific phobia-Phenomenology, Epidemiology, and Etiology; P. Muris, H. Merckelbach.-
Chapter 2: Evidence-based Assessment and Treatment of Specific Phobias in Adults; H. K. Hood, M. M. Antony.-
Chapter 3: Evidence-Based Assessment and Treatment of Specific Phobias in Children and Adolescents; T. H. Ollendick, T. E. Davis III.- PART
Chapter 4: One-Session Treatment: Principles and Procedures with Adults; L.-G. Öst.-
Chapter 5: One-Session Treatment: Principles and Procedures with Children and Adolescents; T. E. Davis III, T. H. Ollendick, E. T. Reuther, M. S. Munson.-
Chapter 6: Real-World Applications of One-Session Treatment; L. Reuterskiöld, L.-G. Öst.-
Chapter 7: Handling Difficult-to-Treat Cases of Specific Phobias in Childhood and Adolescence; T. H. Ollendick, V. C. Sirbu.- PART
Chapter 8: Training Therapists in One-Session Treatment and Assessing Their Competence; L.-G. Öst.-
Chapter 9: Interventions for Specific Phobia in Special Populations; B. M. Rudy, T. E. Davis III.-
Chapter 10: Ethical Issues When Considering Exposure; K. B. Wolitzky-Taylor, M. A. Viar, B. O. Olatunji.-
Chapter 11: Empirical Status of One-Session Treatment; T. E. Davis III, W. S. Jenkins, B. M. Rudy.-
Chapter 12: Using Virtual Reality and Other Computer Technologies to Implement Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Youth; L. D. Miller, C. Silva, S. Bouchard, C. Bélanger, T. Taucer-Samson.


Thompson E. Davis III, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. and is Founder/Director of the Psychological Services for Youth Clinic (PSYC) and the Laboratory for Anxiety, Phobia, and Internalizing Disorder Studies (LAPIS). He has been researching and conducting One-Session Treatment for more than 10 years and is the author of more than 40 publications, with several on One-Session Treatment. His research and clinical interests focus on anxiety disorders, particularly the assessment and treatment of specific phobias in children and adults.
Thomas H. Ollendick, Ph.D., is University Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Child Study Center at Virginia Tech. He is the author or editor of 25 books, 75 book chapters, and 350+ research articles. He is the current editor of Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review and Behavior Therapy. His research interests focus on social learning theory and phobic and anxiety disorders in youth.
Lars-Göran Öst, Ph.D., is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Stockholm University in Sweden.  He is the author of approximately 200 articles, chapters, and books and has been researching anxiety disorders for 30 years. He originally developed One-Session Treatment and has carried out a series of child and adult treatment studies demonstrating the treatment's efficacy and comparability to other empirically-supported treatments. His research interests focus on anxiety and phobia in children and adults.


From the reviews:

'The current text is indeed a welcome addition to the literature because of its breadth of coverage but also because it provides an up-to-date overview of the literature. ' For therapists who regularly treat clients with specific phobias, the text really is a must have. ' For those with a more academic or research interest in the treatment of specific phobias, not only does the text provide an up-to-date overview of OST research, but it also highlights where gaps remain.' (Robert J. Edelmann, PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 58 (7), February, 2013)


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