The World's Toughest Endurance Challenges

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November 2012



From the authors of Ultimate Triathlon, this is a full-colour, inspirational book looking at 50 of the most extreme marathons, triathlons, bike rides, climbs and other iconic endurance events from around the world


Richard Hoad is a qualified triathlon coach, regular competitor in triathlons of all distances and a sub-10 hour long-distance triathlon finisher. Paul Moore is Head of Digital at one of the UK's largest triathlon magazines, Triathlete Europe. He is also a keen triathlete and competes in numerous multisports events around the world.


Inspiring and shocking, its certainly motivational if you want to do something different in 2013 The Sun 20121212 Read this book at your peril. It might do more than change your horizons - it might change your life. Outdoor Fitness 20130104
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