Word 2000 for Windows for Dummies Quick Reference

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A handy desktop companion for creating great documents for the office, home, or Web. Keep up to speed on the latest Word features, including advanced formatting and automation features, HTML native format, self-repairing features, and XML formatting capabilities that lead to simplified Web publishing options.


Introduction: How to Use This Book. PART I: Getting to Know Word 2000. PART II: Editing and Other Essentials. PART III: Formatting Documents and Text. PART IV: Printing Your Documents. PART V: Making Your Work Go Faster. PART VI: Web and Desktop Publishing. PART VII: Fancy and Esoteric Stuff. PART VIII: Potpourri. Glossary: Techie Talk. Index. Book Registration Information.


About the Author Peter Weverka is the author of 17 computer books, including Dummies 101: Microsoft Office 2000 For Windows and Money 99 For Dummies, both published by IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. His humorous articles and stories (none related to computers, thankfully) have appeared in Harper's and SPY magazine. Peter is also an editor. He has polished, cleaned up, and actually read over 80 computer books on topics ranging from word processing to desktop publishing to the Internet. He edited about 50 of those books online with Microsoft Word. Peter believes that the goal of all computing is to help you get your work done faster so you don't have to sit in front of the computer anymore. His favorite pastime is pruning trees; his greatest pleasure, jawing with his children.
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