Phosphorescent Oxygen-sensitive Probes

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August 2012



Biological O2 sensing probes and measurement techniques were first introduced in the late 80s. In the last 3-5 years they have undergone major development that have made them available and affordable for a broad range of applications in various disciplines of the life and biomedical sciences. These new chemistries and technologies, which are significantly different from the majority of other fluorescence-based probes and detection techniques, have already demonstrated their high utility. This book will provide a systematic overview of the existing and emerging O2 sensing technologies in their different modifications, a practical guide to their rational selection and use, and examples of biological applications/case studies, including details on how to set up and conduct such experiments, troubleshoot and interpret the data.


O2-sensitive probes based on phosphorescent metalloporphyrins.- O2 analysis on a fluorescence spectrometer or plate reader.- O2 Imaging in biological specimens.


Dmitri B. Papkovsky is a Professor of Biochemistry, Head of Biophysics and Bioanalysis lab at the University College Cork, Ireland, where he has been working since 1997. His research interests include sensing of O2 in cells and tissues with phosphorescent probes, time-resolved fluorescence and bioimaging, the roles of oxygen in biological systems, O2 as a marker of mitochondrial and cellular function, metabolism, hypoxia research. Prof. Papkovsky is author of 100+ publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is one of the founders of an Irish company Luxcel Biosciences Ltd. specialising on these probes and applications. Dr. Alexander Zhdanov, Dr. Ruslan Dmitriev and Dr. Andreas Fercher are experienced postdoctoral researchers working in the lab of Prof. D. Papkovsky.
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