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Disadvantage combines a philosophical analysis of the idea of disadvantage with practical proposals for moving society in the direction of equality, by 'declustering disadvantage'. The analysis will interest political philosophers, social policy theorists, and practitioners involved in the design and delivery of actual social policy.


PART 1: THE SECURE FUNCTIONINGS APPROACH ; 1. The pluralism of disadvantage ; 2. Functionings ; 3. Risk ; 4. Opportunity and responsibility ; PART 2: APPLYING THEORY TO PRACTICE ; 5. The indexing problem ; 6. Measuring functionings ; 7. Clustering of disadvantage and empirical research ; PART 3: PUBLIC POLICY ; 8. Declustering disadvantage ; 9. Priority to the least advantaged ; 10. Addressing disadvantage while respecting people ; Appendix 1: Details of the interviews ; Index


Avner de-Shalit is the author of Why posterity Matters? (1995), Socialism (in Hebrew, 1997), The Environment: Between Theory and Practice (2000) and Power to the People: Teaching Political Philosophy in Skeptical Times (2006), and co-editor, with Daniel Bell, of Forms of Justice (2003). He has published numerous articles, mostly in the field of environmental political theory. de-Shalit is chairperson of the Public Councilon Environment and Society in Israel. He is the Max Kampelman Professor of Democracy and Human Rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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