The Wars of Edward III: Sources and Interpretations

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Contemporary documents and classic studies follow Edward's fortunes on the battlefield, from failure against the Scots to major military successes in France.


Readers will receive a real insight into the mentality and logic of war in the middle ages and an understanding of its stark realities... excellent and very welcome resource book. HISTORY TODAY Of great value... A good introduction to the history of the war, the chief primary and secondary sources, and ... scholarly questions and trends. JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORY Original and valuable work on chronicle material, including a number of previously unnoticed and/or unpublished sources... Scholarship owes much to Rogers. FRENCH HISTORY The sources are well chosen... The action moves along at a lively pace. Th(e) second part reprints a selection of studies most scholars would pronounce classic... This book will be a useful reference collection even for specialists and will provide rich lodes of ore for students engaged in research projects. ALBION (Richard Kaeuper) This collection of sources and interpretations lays bare the truth about the wars of Edward's reign... Dr Rogers has provided a valuable service to scholars, students and general readers alike in bringing together this fascinating collection. MATTHEW BENNETT (General editor's preface)
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