The Way: Using the Wisdom of Kabbalah for Spiritual Transformation and Fulfillment

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August 2002



In this profound and joyful book, Michael Berg of The Kabbalah Centre, the world's leading educational organization teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah, shows readers how to use Kabbalah to bring happiness and fulfillment into their lives and into the lives of everyone around them.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. The Night Fear. The Benefits. Using this Book. Questions to Keep in Mind. PART ONE: THE WAY OF KABBALAH. Chapter 1: Creating Fulfillment. Chapter 2: Kabbalah through the Ages. Chapter 3: The Light and the Vessel. PART TWO: GETTING READY FOR THE LIGHT. Chapter 4: The Work of Living. Chapter 5: Building a Relationship with the Creator. Chapter 6: The Twelve Spiritual Laws of the Way. PART THREE: SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. Chapter 7: Understanding Our Thoughts and Feelings. Chapter 8: Using the Spiritual Tools.Chapter 9: Sharing the Way. Glossary. Bibliography and Sources for Further Reading. Index.


RABBI MICHAEL BERG is one of the key figures at The Kabbalah Centre, which has branches in many countries and a Web site, kabbalah.com. As part of his life's work dedicated to bringing kabbalistic wisdom to the forefront, he has just completed the monumental task of editing and producing the first-ever English translation and commentary of the Zohar, the comprehensive text of Kabbalah. He regularly presents lectures and seminars all around the world.
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