Without having seen the Queen

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Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890), a shrewd trader and later in life one of the best known archaeologists of the 19th century, made many travels around the world. He recorded his experiences in several diaries. This publication is a transcription and translation of Schliemann's first travel diary: his European journey in the winter of 1846/47.

This journey was his first as a commercial trader and through the diary he kept we get to know Heinrich Schliemann more as a tourist and human being than as a trader. From his new residence in Moscow he travelled to London and Paris and via Berlin back to St. Petersburg. He writes with admiration and amazement about buildings and the emerging industrialization, while indirectly he offers us a glimpse of the poverty and filthiness of that time. He describes his visits to amongst others the theatre, the British Museum, the Champs Elysées, and the Louvre. Besides the many pleasant experiences, he also mentions negative aspects such as the theft of his hat and the seasickness that plagued him during every one of his sea voyages.

The original diary was written in English and French and for a small part in Italian. "Without having seen the Queen" comprises an introduction to the diary, a transcription of the diary, and a full English translation with annotations. This publication unlocks Schlieman's first travelogue and presents a unique view of his life before rising to fame as the discoverer of Troy.

This diary forms the first part of The Schliemann Diaries. In this series, all Schliemann's travel diaries will be made available to a wider public by means of a transcription, an English translation and an introduction. These publications will present a new image of the trader and archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann and the world in which he lived.




Christo Thanos-Christo Thanos (1968) studied Prehistory of Northwest Europe at Leiden University. From 2002 to 2010 he was employed at the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency and while working with old archives his interest was aroused in the history of archaeology (in particular the life and work of Glyn Daniel (1914-1986) and Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890)). From 2012 onward Christo is working as archaeological advisor for nine councils in the province of South-Holland. Wout Arentzen- After having occupied himself for a longer period with the Minoan/Mycenaean cultural complex, Wout Arentzen became convinced that quite often the archaeologist and his time are as important for the interpretation of a culture as the archaeological finds themselves. To get a better understanding of this side of the archaeological process he started to study the history of archaeology. Only limited work has been done on the history of archaeology in the Netherlands. Being a Dutchman, it was only natural that this became the main focus of his work.
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