Teachers versus Technology

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August 2012



Revision with unchanged content. Teachers' technology background (skills) and their acceptability (attitudes) to­wards Internet usage within the schools are an important and often over­looked component of successful curriculum integration of technology. If tea­chers do not have the appropriate attitude and skills with integrating tech­no­lo­gical resource tools to support their curriculum, they will not be adequately equipped with diverse supplementary curricula to address the learning needs of students. This places students at risk for not being able to achieve their maxi­mum potential because they have not been given instructions to match their learning styles. Five hypotheses were developed to determine any sig­ni­fi­cant differences in how teachers utilize the Internet as a curriculum resource tool. The book is addressed to professionals in instructional technology like tea­chers, administrators, and curriculum coordinators in elementary and middle grade levels. It is also directed to rural and sub-rural school districts seeking to implement technology goals in their school improvement plans.


Assistant Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning at Tennessee State University, studies in technology integration with elementary/middle schools; online faculty mentor for Tennessee Board of Regents' Online Degree Program; Online Content Quality & Review Board member for National Education Association.
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Untertitel: The Impact of Teachers' Attitudes and Skills on using the Internet as a Resource for Addressing Student Learning. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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