Winning the Influence Game: What Every Business Leader Should Know about Government

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April 2001



This is the book Bill Gates wishes he had had before the government unleashed its antitrust suit against Microsoft. More "new economy" businesses are waking up to the fact that government regulations and policies can determine the very viability of a business. For example, a law protecting people's privacy on the net could mean the demise of certain businesses, or the rapid ascent of new technology. A business' very survival increasingly could depend on its ability to lobby for regulations that will be in its favor. Steve Case, CEO of AOL has recently been quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying, "the future of the Internet will be determined more by policy choices than technology choices" (WSJ, July 19, 1999). Watkins and Edwards team up to offer the strategies and thinking behind influencing government so that businesses can take control. The book will include examples from real companies, many of them multinationals.


Preface. Introduction: The Influence Game. Fundamental Principles. LAYING THE FOUNDATION. Linking Goals to Business Strategy. Organizing to Influence. Cultivating Relationships. CRAFTING WINNING STRATEGIES. Identifying Leverage Points. Building Coalitions. Framing Arguments. LOOKING FORWARD. Globalization: The Rise of Corporate Diplomacy. The Internet: Leveling the Playing Field. Concluding Thoughts. Recommended Reading. Notes. Index.


MICHAEL WATKINS is an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School and has also taught at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He is the coauthor of Right from the Start and consults extensively on negotiation and coalition building in the private and public sectors. MICKEY EDWARDS was a member of Congress for sixteen years, where he was a senior member of the Republican leadership. He currently teaches about Congress and public advocacy at the Kennedy School of Government. Edwards also writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column and broadcasts national radio commentaries on the NPR program "All Things Considered." USHA THAKRAR is a research associate at Harvard Business School. She is a graduate of the Kennedy School of Government and has experience working in state government and founding her own start-up.
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