A Woman's Qigong Guide

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April 2001



For Women everywhere: learn to cultivate and use your Life Force, for Joyful living.


Yanling Lee Johnson was born in Beijing, China, November 1944. She first became interested in Herbs and Qigong at the age of three, watching her uncle treat his patients using herbs and Acupuncture. Her whole childhood, in fact, was spent in the Chinese Qigong community, bearing witness to people around her using Qigong and herbs to heal their internal and external illness, all the while reading and practicing on her own.


"A Woman's Qigong Guide is an authoritative and valuable guide on the major principles and practices of Qigong and a must read for any woman who seeks to cultivate and benefit from the wisdom in her daily life."--Gunther M Weil, Ph.D., Psychologist and Founding Chairman, National Qigong Association
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Untertitel: Empowerment Through Movement, Diet and Herbs. ill. Sprache: Englisch.
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