Working at Warp Speed: The New Rules for Project Success in a Sped-Up World

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The discrepancy between what we know and what we do can trigger poor planning, miscommunication, overload, and a host of other ills. The constant games of catch-up and fire-fighting can turn even simple projects into nightmares. In Working at Warp Speed, Barry Flicker explains that people can break such patterns only by cultivating the ability to make and keep clear commitments. He recounts a simple story about a handful of people who, through powerful direct experience, learn to stop complaining about the idiots out there and begin examining their own behaviors and assumptions. This shift is the key, according to Flicker, to successful project management in business and in life.


Barry Flicker is founder of Basic Training, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company that offers a complete curriculum of courses in management and professional development to organizations intent on keeping pace with the rapid transformations of the global economy.


"Outstanding introduction to concepts that would otherwise remain hidden in the course of everyday work." - Colin Clover, Project Manager, Apple Computer; "A real breakthrough in managing the constant changes in business." - David Morse, Chief of Communication, NASA; "Over the course of three and a half years this program has successfully enabled us to blend the demands of those committed to unfettered creative flare and flexibility with those demanding systematic accountability for results. It has helped us maintain momentum, schedules, and - in this incredibly fast paced business - sanity!" - Jerry Hunt, Education & Organization Development Manager, HAL Computer Systems
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