The World's Game: A History of Soccer

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Januar 1998



Murray traces the development of soccer from pre- industrial times to the 1994 World Cup, weaving the sport's growth into the culture and politics of the countries where it has been taken up.


"A landmark work on the sport of soccer." -- John Haydon, The Washington Times "Witty and passionate, scholarly and literate... Unhesitatingly, I would classify The World's Game as the most satisfying book on football that has ever come to my attention." -- J. Neville Turner, Bulletin of the Australian Society for Sport History "Well researched ... readable, factual and informative." -- John Weir, author of The Absolute Game "Presents an excellent case for why soccer is the sport of the globe." -- Adam Korengold, The American Reporter Book Review "One of the finest chronicles of soccer... Gives you reason to appreciate why the world's game has continued to flourish." -- Adelaide Advertiser, Australia "Bill Murray has accomplished the seemingly impossible. He has masterfully rendered the complexities of soccer's history into a single vividly written story." -- Benjamin Rader, author of Baseball: A History of America's Game "Spiced with colorful evidence and stories...The World's Game is a very interesting book packed with arresting detail." -- James Walvin, author of The People's Game: The History of Football Revisited
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