Worldwide Worship: Prayers Song & Poetry

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Juni 2000



Drawn from classical and religious texts, as well as the work of poets and other artists, "Worldwide Worship" is a unique celebration of worship found in many religious traditions. These selections have been chosen singularly and as a group by John Marks Templeton, not only for their individual aesthetic beauty, but also to assist us in learning various lessons of life.From this rich mixture of prayer, song, and poetry comes a confirmation of the life-affirming universality of the human spirit. Together these works celebrate the universal principles found in the human mind, and attempt to bridge the gaps between religions, cultures, and peoples of the world.


Sir John Templeton was born in Winchester, Tennessee, went to Yale and then to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He is known for his astute investment skills on Wall Street and through the Templeton Mutual Funds. In 1987 he founded the John Templeton Foundation, and he currently funds the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion.


"This far-reaching collection is an anthology of selections from an astonishing variety of voices and traditions. It is notable for the high aesthetic quality of its selections and very interesting for its center section of hymns and religious songs in score."
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