Effectiveness of Task Based Language Teaching in Teaching writing

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August 2012



The book is based on the research and review of related literature(TBLT).It provides a deep analysis of Task Based Language Teaching methods and its procedures.The main focus of the book is to find out how far TBLT is applicable and fruitful for developing students writing skills. The Researcher has applied Interactive and genre based models for teaching writing to secondary level students. Task Based language teaching has its positive influence in the development of language skills. Moreover it provides the most flexible setting for the English as a second language learners in formal classes.The writer finds TBLT: A more apprised , Appropriate and easy method of teaching language. If a learner feels for the TASK in their classroom than he really enjoys, and engages in teaching learning activities easily but creation of authentic TASKS in the formal classes is a challenge if the teachers do not envisages TASK as an Instructional segment in the process of achieving L2 (second language) performance.


The author did M.ED. in English Education from Tribhuban University in 2008 A.D. Currently, he is working in an Education project in remote area of Karnali Zone of Nepal. He has published some articles related to reform agendas in education.
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