Secession and the Lessons from Kosovo

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August 2012



The secession of Kosovo from Serbia generated a lot of controversies among academics and policy makers. This was due to the absence of a clear-cut position on secession as an exercise of the right to self-determination in international law, the lack of an acceptable definition of "people" for the exercise of the right to external self-determination, and the legality of the Kosovo secession in international law. This book examines the twin principles of self-determination and secession in international law, using the Kosovo secession as a case study. It draws from established rules; past secession cases in the cold war and post-cold war era; and concludes that there is no international law right to secession but that in exceptional cases, secession is recognized as a remedial solution to self-determination disputes. A critique of the ICJ ruling that the Kosovo secession did not violate any norm of international law is also undertaken. Finally, a functional definition of "people" is proposed in addition to an emergent concept of "supervised secession".


David I. Efevwerhan holds an LL.B. and LL.M. of the University of Benin, Nigeria and a Ph.D. of the Universiti Utara Malaysia. He specialises in international law. A Deputy Director, Academics (Associate Professor)of the Nigerian Law School, he is an alumnus of The Hague and Xiamen Academies of International Law and also an honoree of the latter.
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