Yellow Flag: A Civil War Doctor's Journal

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Dezember 2001



In March, 1864, C. Marion Dodson left his comfortable home on Maryland's Eastern Shore to join the U.S. Navy as a pharmacist. Barely weeks after joining a Union fleet on blockade in the Gulf of Mexico, another ship in the squadron raised the "Yellow Flag"--the signal that the dreaded yellow fever had stricken its crew. They desperately needed medical help, his captain told Dodson. Someone had to go aboard and wager his life against the deadly unknown. Encounters with a comely Rebel belle in New Orleans and the explosive pursuit of the formidable C.S.S. "William H. Webb "make this lively diary a memorable voyage for readers of Civil War literature.


""He was from St. Michaels, a scion of an old Eastern Shore family and had been in the Union Navy a little more than six months. As a surgeon's assistant, he was kind of medic or pharmacist's mate. And he had volunteered to go aboard the Arkansas, where yellow fever raged. Charles Albert Earp of Catonsville, who discovered Dodson's handwritten journal in the archives of the Maryland Historical Society and edited it for publication, calls Dodson 'extremely brave. He knew the seriousness of the disease and the fact that you couldn't cure it. And he was lucky. He didn't get bitten by a mosquito infected with the disease.'"
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