The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the Eu After Lisbon

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This book's concern is to provide an examination of the several (and interlocking) challenges which the Lisbon reforms present.


Introduction Sybe deVries, Ulf Bernitz and Stephen Weatherill Part I: Safeguarding Fundamental Rights in Europe's Internal Market 1. From Economic Rights to Fundamental Rights Stephen Weatherill 2. The Protection of Fundamental Social Rights in Europe after Lisbon: A Question of Conflicts of Interests Catherine Barnard 3. The Protection of Fundamental Rights within Europe's Internal Market after Lisbon - An Endeavour for More Harmony Sybe A de Vries Part II: The Scope of Fundamental Rights in EU Law 4. The Reach of Fundamental Rights on Member State Action after Lisbon Xavier Groussot, Laurent Pech and Gunnar Thor Petursson 5. An End to the Possibilities - on Horizontal Liability in Laval and the Limits of Judicial Rights Protection Martin Mork 6. Horizontal Effects of Private Rights Vested by Union Law on Damages to be Paid by another private Party: The Laval Case as Model Ulf Bernitz Part III: The Constitutional Dimension of Fundamental Rights 7. The Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights after Lisbon Sionaidh Douglas-Scott 8. Competing Rights? Iain Cameron Conference Report Eva Suzanne Lachnit


Sybe de Vries is Associate Professor of European Law and the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Single Market Law and Fundamental Rights at the Europa Institute, Utrecht University. Ulf Bernitz is Professor of European Law at the University of Stockholm and a Senior Associate Fellow of St Hilda's College, Oxford. Stephen Weatherill is Jacques Delors Professor of European Law at Oxford University and a Fellow of Somerville College.
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