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Tabla For All is a complete learning method for Indian Tabla percussion set, intended to gradually develop the Tabla player's skills, from the beginner stages of playing position and tuning, to more advanced levels of interpretation. It is also designed for musicians and general public who are interested in learning how the Industani Tala system of rhythmic cycles works. With a simple and novel system based on the onomatopoeic syllables commonly used in the Industani music, it is accessible for anyone, even without prior knowledge of traditional music notation. Tabla For All includes plenty of graphics, pictures and 2 CDs with 70 audio examples, analyzing in detail the intricate fascinating Tabla technique skills: strokes, vocal percussion, different time signatures, fixed compositions and variations, etc.


Acknowledgments - Introduction - The Tabla - Tabla Bols - Exercies for Practice - Definitions of Industani Rhythmic Terms - Thythmic Phrases with two, three, four, six and eight Matras for practice - Talas-Rhythmic Cyles - Talas-Practice Section - Kaidas-Fixed Compositions - More Bols for advanced practice - Graphic Illustrations of the Table drums, along with the names of its different components - Glossary - Resources - About the Author - CD Contents/Audio Examples
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Untertitel: A complete learning method for Indian tabla percussion set. indische Tabla. Lehrbuch mit CD. Lehrbuch mit CD - 2 CDs (Broschur). Sprachen: Spanisch Englisch.
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