Young Men in Israeli Haredi Yeshiva Education: The Scholars Enclave in Unrest

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September 2012



Acknowledgments Introduction
Chapter 1: The Literature: Fundamentalism and the Haredi Society: Between Tradition and Change
Chapter 2: Collecting the Data: Beginnings
Chapter 3: The Ideal Haredi Male Body: The Struggles between Body and Soul in Haredi Education
Chapter 4: Equality or Excellence in Students' Achievements
Chapter 5: Holy Amnesia: Remembering Religious Sages as Superhumans or as Simply Human
Chapter 6: Deviating, Resisting and Challenging the Ideal Male Bodily Model
Chapter 7: Psychology and Democracy in the Name of the God? Modern and Secular Discourses on Parenting in the Service of Conservative Religious Aims
Chapter 8: Will the Scholars' Enclave Re-adjust? Bibliography


Yohai Hakak, Ph.D. (1970), is a senior lecturer at the School of Health Sciences and Social Work, University of Portsmouth. He has published many articles and mongraphs and co-directed a documentary series about the Jewish Haredi community in Israel.
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