China's Rational Entrepreneurs: The Development of the New Private Sector

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November 2012



The ability of China's entrepreneurs to establish firms in the midst of a strangling bureaucratic system is a topic which demands attention not least because it forms the basis of China's economic development. Combining theoretical approaches with extensive fieldwork, China's Rational Entrepreneurs presents a fresh angle of analysis for understanding the behaviour of Chinese entrepreneurs and what kind of relations they have with local government in order to secure long-term business success.


'This is a salutary and successful analysis, in which theory is founded upon research.' - China Perspectives 'This book is a timely contribution to the growing number of studies dealing with China's rapidly expanding private business sector. Throughout the book the authors use short-case studies of individual firms of entrepreneurs to bring their subject to life.' - The China Journal 'This volume is an excellent contribution to the study of the Chinese private sector and it will provide an indispensable baseline for future efforts in this field.' - The China Journal
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