Comparative Syntax and Language Acquisition

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September 2012



In this collection of essays, the author addresses the central issues in syntax theory, comparative syntax and the theoretically conscious study of language acquisition. Key topics are explored, including the properties of null elements and the theory of parameters. Some of the essays presented here have been highly influential in their field, while others are published for the first time.


1. Introduction Part I: Principles and Parameters in the Pronominal Systems 2. Null objects in Italian and the theory of pro 3. Three issues in Romance dialectology 4. Some notes on Romance cliticization Part II: Locality 5. On chain formation 6. On the Anaphor-agreement effect 7. Argument-adjunct (a)symmetries 8. Direct perception, government and Thematic Sharing Part III: Cartography 9. Residual Verb Second and the Wh Criterion 10. The fine structure of the left periphery Part IV: Acquistion 11. Early null subjects and root null subjects 12. Remarks on linguistic theory and language development: The case of root infinitives
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