Energy Security in Asia

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September 2012



This book explores the various dimensions of energy security in Asia - which has become an increasingly important geopolitical issue. Reputable international contributors look at the roles played by each of the major energy importers: the United States, China, Japan and India, as well as the main suppliers: the OPEC states, Russia, the Central Asian states and Australia. In each case, the domestic politics of energy security are investigated, and state interests and perspectives on the issue are considered. Analyzing the policy and security aspects of energy security, the book includes an examination of: the geopolitics of energy competition strategic, economic and environmental dimensions the impacts of energy security on human security. With energy security being one of the central issues facing the world today, this book is a timely and impressive appraisal of the major energy security issues facing Asia.


1. The Geopolitics of Energy Security Michael Wesley 2. The United States and Energy Security in Asia Satu Limaye 3. China's Energy Security Xu Yi-chong 4. Japan's Energy Security Purnendra Jain 5. India's Energy Security Ashutosh Misra 6. OPEC and Asia's Energy Security Gawdat Bahgat 7. Russia and Central Asia and Asia's Energy Security Barry Naughten 8. Australia and Asia's Energy Security Richard Leaver 9. The Strategic Dimensions of Energy Security in Asia William Tow 10. The Economic Dimensions of Energy Security in Asia Stuart Harris and Barry Naughten 11. Energy Security and Environmental Security in Asia Aynsley Kellow 12. Energy Security and Human Security Michael Heazle


Michael Wesley is the Director of the Griffith Asia Institute at Griffith University. He is the Research Convenor of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, a member of the Editorial Board of the Australian Journal of International Affairs, and a member of the Australian Research Council's College of Experts.
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