Greek Naval Strategy and Policy 1910-1919

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November 2012



A sharp analysis of Greek naval history in the 1910s, a time when the importance of its geographic position and its navy increased greatly. It explains the causes of these developments and their consequences for Greek national aims, the Mediterranean naval situation and the Balkan balance of power. Within this context, it also examines the competition between Britain, France, and Germany for Greek naval procurements and influence, Greek-Turkish naval tensions and the responses of the great powers. This volume also provides an in-depth analysis of the naval strategy, programme, education and organization of the Greek state and of the extent to which these were influenced by its own Naval Staff, British naval missions, and native and foreign politicians. It details the difficulties and rewards in the relationship of this rising naval power with Britain and other great naval powers of the time. This book will be of immense interest to advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers in naval history and strategy.


1. Greek naval policy and the Great Powers before 1910 2. Greek naval policy and the Great Powers, November 1910-May 1913 3. Greek naval policy and the Great Powers, June 1913-July 1914 4. Greek naval policy and the Great Powers, Aug. 1914-June 1917 5. Greek naval policy and the Great Powers, July 1917-March 1919
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