Women's Suffrage in Asia

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November 2012



Including chapters on Indonesia, India, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam and international suffrage connections, Women's Suffrage in Asia engages in debates on suffrage in the region by raising issues unique to the country's case studies presented. It explains why the history of suffrage is neglected in the nationalist historiography and untangles the connections between culture, nationalism and colonialism in the context of women's struggles for suffrage.


Notes on Contributors List of Figures Acknowledgements 1. Introduction: Orienting the Global Women's Suffrage Movement 2. Is the Suffragist an American Colonial Construct? Defining 'The Filipino Women' in Colonial Philippines 3. Chinese Women's Campaigns for Suffrage: Nationalism, Confucianism and Political Agency 4. Women's Suffrage and Democracy in Indonesia 5. Women's Suffrage in Viet Nam 6. Citizenship and Suffrage in Interwar Japan 7. Expanding their Realm: Women and Public Agency in Colonial Korea 8. The Politics of Women's Suffrage in Thailand 9. Tradition, Law and the Female Suffrage Movement in India 10. Settler Anxieties, Indigenous Peoples and Women's Suffrage in the Colonies of Australia, New Zealand and Hawai'i, 1888 to 1902


Louise Edwards is the Senior Lecturer at the China and Korea Centre, Australian National University. Mina Roces is the Senior Lecturer at the School of History, University of New South Wales.
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