The Guardians

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An elegiac ode to love, death, and profound friendship, from the author of The Two Kinds of Decay


Sarah Manguso is the author of the memoir The Two Kinds of Decay the short-story collection Hard to Admit and Harder to Escape, and two books of poetry, Siste Viator and The Captain Lands in Paradise.


"Memoirs about grief often concern a relative or partner, but Manguso's offers a revealing perspective on simple friendship and on a formative period of early adulthood when choices are made and selfhood solidifies."--The New Yorker
"'Nobody understands how I feel, ' we often think (mistakenly) in times of loss. But Manguso not only understands, she can articulate it in the precisest and most unexpected of images--an unrelated car accident, a bowl of Italian candies, a swim in the ocean. What results is a memoir that reveals not the just intimacies of the writer's life, but of your own. Most moving is that "The Guardians" covers a subject so rarely recognized in our society, the grief from the death of a friend." --Leigh Newman, Oprah.com, "Book of the Week""Sarah Manguso's "The Guardians" goes to hell and back . . . The book majors in bone-on-bone rawness, exposed nerve endings . . . With" The Guardians," I did something I do when I love a book: start covering my mouth when I read; this is very pure and elemental, and I wanted nothing coming between me and the page." --David Shields, "Los Angeles Review of Books" "A bittersweet elegy to a friend who 'eloped' from a locked psychiatric ward . . . [Manguso] explores the extent to which we are our friends' guardians and, in outliving them, the guardians of their memory . . . Manguso's writing manages, in carefully honed bursts of pointed, poetic observation, to transcend the darkness and turn it into something beautiful. The results are also deeply instructive, not in the manner we've come to fatuously call "self-help" but in the way that good literature expands and illuminates our realm of experience." --Heller McAlpin, "Barnes and Noble Review""Shortly after returning home from a fellowship year in Rome, poet and memoirist Sarah Manguso received word that her old college friend Harris had fled a psychiatric hospital and jumped in front of a train. In "The Guardians: An Elegy," the writer explores
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