Personality Power: Discover Your Unique Profile--And Unlock Your Potential for Breakthrough Success

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A recent Conference Board survey found that a staggering 53 percent of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs, but with the unemployment rate stubbornly high, searching for a new position may not be the answer.

Based on the author's proprietary personality model used by over 50,000 professionals worldwide, Personality Power shows you how to identify and harness your corestrengths to immediately improve your job satisfaction—and, ultimately, your success.

After completing a simple 10-minute self-assessment, just turn to the in-depth chapter devoted to your personality type to:

• Discover your work-related strengths and potential blind spots
• Identify your ideal (and least-preferred) work environments
• Learn how best to communicate with and coach others with different styles
• Create a personal career roadmap complete with concrete steps for achieving your goals
• And much more

Featuring helpful charts, exercises, and inspiring success stories, Personality Power shows you how to leverage your natural talents and find the fulfillment and recognition you deserve.



Acknowledgments VII
People Profiled IX

1 Introduction / 1

2 The Self-Assessment Test / 5

3 How to Use This Book for Fast Results / 14

4 The Color Q Personality System: Its Foundation and History / 16

5 Greens Overall / 19

6 Green/Backup Gold Extroverts / 25

7 Green/Backup Gold Introverts / 37

8 Green/Backup Red Extroverts / 49

9 Green/Backup Red Introverts / 61

10 Reds Overall / 73

11 Red/Backup Blue Extroverts / 79

12 Red/Backup Blue Introverts / 92

13 Red/Backup Green Extroverts / 104

14 Red/Backup Green Introverts / 116

15 Blues Overall / 128

16 Blue/Backup Gold Extroverts /133

17 Blue/Backup Gold Introverts / 145

18 Blue/Backup Red Extroverts / 157

19 Blue/Backup Red Introverts / 169

20 Golds Overall / 181
<fon t face="Menlo-Bold" color="#303030" size="8.0pt">
21 Gold/Backup Blue Extroverts / 186

22 Gold/Backup Blue Introverts / 198

23 Gold/Backup Green Extroverts / 210

24 Gold/Backup Green Introverts / 222

25 Adjusting to the Workplace Styles of Others / 234

26 Approach to Innovation: The Primary Styles / 243

27 Negotiating Compensation / 249

28 Generation Conflict or Personality Conflict? / 255

29 Self-Coach Your Way to Success / 263

Notes / 268
Recommended Resources for Professional Development / 270
Index / 274


Shoya Zichy heads a New York City-based consulting firm that specializes in executive coaching and training programs using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" and the Keirsey Temperament model. Zichy's work has been profiled in Fortune and Plan Sponsor magazines and on CNN. Her firm's client list includes Con Edison, Deloitte & Touche, Standard & Poor's, and The Northern Trust Bank. Previously she had a fifteen-year career in marketing at Merrill Lynch and American Express. Today, her proprietary research linking personality to investment behavior is the cornerstone of Peter Tanous's bestselling The Wealth Equation and of a unique new web-based coaching facility designed for 401(k) participants. www.LeadershipQ.com


"Shoya presents a new kind of managing handbook with a practical, easy-to-learn system empowering managers with personality type insight applied to the workplace. Highly recommended.--"Library Journal"
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