Smart Videoconferencing: New Habits for Virtual Meetings

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September 2002



Rather than addressing the technical people charged with setting up the technology, this text provides guidance for the people participating in virtual meetings. By addressing the participants' most basic concerns: how to reduce distractions, what to wear, and how to express oneself effectively, the text shows users how to integrate videoconferencing into their business communications; how to lead and participate in virtual meetings and how to make videoconferencing equipment their friend.


Janelle Barlow is President and owner of TMI, USA a partner with the Danish-based multinational training and consulting group. Peta Peter is a senior partner with TMI US and a popular speaker and trainer. Lewis Barlow works in sales and business development for TMI US.


"This book provides unique and pragmatic insight into communication using videoconferencing. In today's world where many are trying to define new strategies to deal with geographic separation and time sensitive issues, Smart Videoconferencing is essential reading." - Craig Dinsell, Executive Vice President, Oppenheimer Funds; "Substantive and practical from beginning to end. This is the only book you need to read for all your on-camera videoconferencing needs." - Nido R. Qubein, Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company
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