Advances in Communications and Media Research

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August 2012



In a society predicated on information, the media has a pervasive presence. From government policy to leisure television, the information age touches us all. This book features papers that constitute the analyses of the information industry. It covers the trends in communications and the media impact on public opinion.


Preface; Machine Learning Approaches for the Automatic Detection of Denial of Service Attacks; An Anycast-Based Defense Model against Denial of Service Attacks in Wireless Mesh Networks; Denial of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks: Issues & Challenges; Application of Stochastic Resonance in Signal Detection; Perceptual Features for Robust Speech Recognition; A Perceptually Motivated Approach to Achieving Robustness in Automatic Speech Recognition; A Two-to-One Selection Based Japanese Speech Intelligibility Test & its Objective Estimation Methods; Bounded-Distance Multi-Coverage Backbones in Wireless Networks; A Hybrid Approach for Detecting Anomalous Network Traffic; Index.
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