Geist and Zeitgeist: The Spirit in an Unspiritual Age: Six Essays

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Hermann Broch achieved international recognition for his brilliant use of innovative literary techniques to present the entire range of human experience, from the biological to the metaphysical. Concerned with the problem of ethical responsibility in a world with no unified system of values, he turned to literature as the appropriate form for considering those human problems not subject to rational treatment.
Late in life, Broch began questioning his artistic pursuits and turned from literature to devote himself to political theory. While he is well known and highly regarded throughout the world as a novelist, he was equally accomplished as an essayist. These six essays give us a fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of the twentieth century's most original thinkers.


Hermann Broch (1886-1951) was born i n Vienna. He studied philosophy and mathematics, w as active in labor relations, and wrote sociologic al and literary essays. At the time of his death h e was researching mass psychology at Yale Universi ty.

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