Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston

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November 2002



Shut Out is the compelling story of Boston's racial divide viewed through the lens of one of the city's greatest institutions - its baseball team, and told from the perspective of Boston native and noted sports writer Howard Bryant. This well written and poignant work contains striking interviews in which blacks who played for the Red Sox speak for the first time about their experiences in Boston, as well as groundbreaking chapter that details Jackie Robinson's ill-fated tryout with the Boston Red Sox and the humiliation that followed.


1. Pumpsie 2. The Special Relationship 3. The Dream of the Slave 4. The Curse of Jackie Robinson 5. On the Sidelines 6. The Owner 7."Black People Drink Beer, Too" 8. Out at Home 9. Transition 10. "We Don't Allow Niggers Here" 11. Jim Ed 12. "I Feel Empty" 13. The Slow Thaw 14. The Barrier Breaker 15. Banished to Disneyland Afterword: One Last Look Around the House


Howard Bryant is a journalist covering the New York Yankees for the Bergen Record. He previously covered the Oakland A's for the San Jose Mercury News and was an editorial writer and technology columnist for the Oakland Tribune. He grew up in Boston during the busing crisis of the 1970s and has written extensively on race and baseball. His pieces have appeared in the books Thinking Black, The Red Sox Century, and the forthcoming Yankee Century. He lives in New York City.


"Shut Out is an important book that reaches beyond the borders of the City of Boston and the Red Sox. With courage, eloquence and hard-nosed reporting Howard Bryant asks the tough questions others have not and explores baseball's ongoing struggle with race as played out in the history of one team. Shut Out is as fearless as the truth.."
-Glenn Stout co-author Red Sox Century, author Yankees Century
"There's no mistaking the view afforded us by Howard Bryant - up close, in our faces, so raw and unfiltered, it forces us to entirely re-think Boston's baseball history. Bryant compels us to ask: do we have the guts to do it?."
-Bob Klapisch, Baseball columnist, The Bergen Record and Author of "The Worst Team Money Could Buy."
"A withering look at the institutionalized racism of the Boston Red Sox... [a] scorching and well-documented history of the team's racial attitudes... a taut story, lucidly told.."
-"Kirkus Reviews
"Bryant...brings excellent journalistic instincts and baseball smarts to the table.."
-"Publisher's Weekly, July 1, 2002
"Bryant's book, 'Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston' revisits a chapter of Red Sox history that has probably been lost to a generation of young fans who eagerly root for the Rainbow Coalition of Manny, Pedro, Jose, and Rickey.."
-Alex Beam, Boston Globe, 7/9/2002
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