Understanding Clergy Misconduct in Religious Systems

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In Understanding Clergy Misconduct in Religious Systems, readers will take an incisive look at why sexual misconduct occurs in religious systems and learn how to implement proactive strategies for holistic change. Applicable to both Jewish and Christian communities, this illuminating exploration takes a look at the psychology behind scapegoating, why it is perpetuated, and how communities and congregations can quell the damaging tradition of silence.


Contents Foreword Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1. The Congregation as a Family System The Role of Rules Power and Projection The Impact of History The Religious Institution as a Family System The Congregation as a Marriage Summary Chapter 2. The Illusion of Eden and the Fortified City A Lack of Emotional Nourishment and the Hunger to Be Filled Faith, Belief, Trust, Commitment, and the Hope of Security The Fear of Conflict The Fortified City: The Public Face of Prosperity That Hides the Private Face of Poverty God in the Garden: The Idolization of the Spiritual Leader Summary Chapter 3. God-Transference, The Good Object, and the Make-Up of Ministers God Transference and the Good Object The Makeup of Ministers Summary Chapter 4. Mirroring God: Clergy in Relationship Relationship as Marriage Relationship as Vocation Summary Chapter 5. The Issue of Clergy Sexual Misconduct Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse The Issue of Power: Abandonment, Authority, and Animal Force How It Happens: Misconduct from the Part of the Perpetrator Summary Chapter 6. Vulnerability and the Psychology of the Victim How the Primary Victim Becomes Involved Why the Victim Doesn't Disclose Secondary Victims False Accusations A Matter of Ethics Summary Chapter 7. The Scapegoat as the Bearer of Evil Scapegoating in Families Scapegoating in Communities Scapegoating in Congregations The Price They Pay: The Destructive Effects of Scapegoating Summary Chapter 8. Untold Tales and Skeletons in the Closet Pandora's Box Institutional Patterns and the Painful Footprints of a Secret Incestuous Systems and Collegial Collaboration in the Service of the Secret Summary Chapter 9. The Case of Hope Church The History of Hope Church An Analysis of Behavioral Patterns Chapter 10. Reowning Responsibility Personal Responsibility Ethical Behavior and Ethical Systems An Ethic of Responsibility Corporate Responsibility The Role of Consultants in Reowning Responsibility Reowning Responsibility Through Preventative Maintenance Reowning Responsibility by Creating Boundaries Reowning Responsibility Through Proactive Clergy Training Summary Chapter 11. Postscript: Becoming a Functional Spiritual Family The Creation of Holy Space The Preservation of Tradition The Creation and Maintenance of Ethical Community Developing and Nurturing a Sense of Mission Enabling an Experience of God The Changing Face of Religious Institutions Appendix: Clinical Presentation of Survivors of Sexual Abuse Notes Glossary Index
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