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A history of Tibet from the 7th century through to the present, written to appeal to a wide readership.


Sam van Schaik is an expert on the early history of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. He is based at the British Library in London, where he works for the International Dunhuang Project. He is also the founder of the website www.EarlyTibet.com.


"'In Tibet: A History Sam van Schaik provides an overview of its past from the seventh century AD to the present, calling into question many preconceptions the general reader may have about Tibet, its religion its society and its politics... an entertaining read for a wide audience.' (Tom Neuheus, BBC History Magazine) 'Van Schaik successfully portrays a wider historical Tibet in an informed, well-researched, unbiased and readable way. It should appeal to scholars and researchers in Tibetan studies and equally to the more general reader.' (Priyanka Singh, Asian Affairs) 'Well-written and authoritative.' (Glyn Ford, Tribune)"
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Untertitel: A History. 24 b&w illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Yale University Press
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2013
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