Jane Brody's Good Seafood Book

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Here is another volume from today's most influential writer on food and health, the New York Times Personal Health columnist, Jane E. Brody. In this new book, America's authority on great food that is also good food has produced, with her collaborator Richard Flaste, a primer on seafood combined with a collection of delicious recipes. She notes that most of us, when growing up, knew fish in one of two incarnations - fish sticks or tuna on rye. What we didn't know was that seafood comes in an amazing variety of forms, that it is one of the most important low-fat sources of dietary protein available, and that it can be cooked easily, even by "fish novices", in an almost infinite number of delicious ways that go well beyond the frozen fillets of childhood. Part One is a comprehensive overview of seafood lore that includes chapters on how to select, clean, fillet, and store fish; basic seafood cooking techniques; and a full discussion of seafood safety and the overwhelming health benefits of adding fish to your diet. Part Two is a collection of 240 recipes for hors d'oeuvres and appetizers, soups, salads, and main courses, including special sections on grilling and microwaving.


Jane Brody's previous books include the best-selling Jane Brody's Nutrition Book, Jane Brody's Good Food Book, and Jane Brody's Good Food Gourmet Rick Flaste served as the editor of the New York Times Dining Section at its inception, creating many of its acclaimed features. He has collaborated on numerous cookbooks and books.
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