IT Security Risk Management

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This book provides a comprehensive conceptualization of perceived IT security risk in the Cloud Computing context that is based on six distinct risk dimensions grounded on a structured literature review, Q-sorting, expert interviews, and analysis of data collected from 356 organizations. Additionally, the effects of security risks on negative and positive attitudinal evaluations in IT executives' Cloud Computing adoption decisions are examined. The book's second part presents a mathematical risk quantification framework that can be used to support the IT risk management process of Cloud Computing users. The results support the risk management processes of (potential) adopters, and enable providers to develop targeted strategies to mitigate risks perceived as crucial.¿


Cloud Computing.
IT risk management.
Perceived IT security risks.
Scale development.
Analysis of adoption decisions.
Risk quantification framework. ¿


Dr. Tobias Ackermann received his doctorate at the chair of Information Systems | Software Business & Information Management at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. His areas of interest are IT risk management and the perceptions of IT security risks in the context of Cloud Computing.

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