Hollywood and Anti-Semitism: A Cultural History Up to World War II

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September 2008



Examines the role of American Jews in the entertainment industry.


Introduction: what is the Hollywood question?; Part I. The Hollywood Question and American Anti-Semitism, 1880-1929: 1. Anti-Semitism and the American Jewish question; 2. Religion, race and morality in the Hollywood question; Part II. The Hollywood Question for a New America, 1929-1941: 3. A New Deal for the Hollywood question; 4. The Hollywood question in popular culture; 5. The politics of the Hollywood question; 6. Answering the Hollywood question; Part III. The Hollywood Question, 1941 and Beyond: 7. Popular culture answers the Hollywood question; 8. The Hollywood question in crisis, 1941; 9. The new Hollywood question.


'In its dynamic expansionism and near universal appeal, American popular culture is often theorised, and experienced by the rest of the world, as a destructive, hegemonic force, even as an unstoppable viral infection which bids to wipe out indigenous cultures. Carr's Hollywood and anti-Semitism demonstrates the degree to which the experience was equally true at home. Do the Jews 'control' Hollywood? How convenient to project this quintessentially American force as the province of alien interlopers.' London Review of Books 'Steven Carr's book is an important contribution to the history of the motion picture industry and to our knowledge about ethic stereotyping in public discourses ... Steven Carr shifts the terms of the debate from morality to history, from evil to discourse and the results are most impressive.' Archiv fur Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen '... Carr's book offers an important and erudite study of anti-semitism and its continuing role in the history of the Hollywood industry.' Michael Hammond, Journal of Jewish Studies
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