Culture Clash in America: Bordertown/Nuyorican Stories/Mission Magic Mystery Tour/Anthems

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Who needs CNN when we have Culture Clash? --Steve Winn, S. F. Chronicle


Culture Clash is Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza. Founded in 1984 on Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco's Mission District, they have performed throughout America on many of the most prestigious stages including Area Stage in Washington, the Public Theatre and the Lincoln Center in New York, La Jolla Playhouse and Berkeley Rep in California. The Clash's work also includes three other pieces, The Mission, A Bowl of Beings and Radio Mambo all published in a volume called Culture Clash: Life, Death and Revolutionary Comedy available from NHB (1 55936 139 5: [pound]15.99).


"Culture Clash seems an ideal name for a Latino comedy trio that simultaneously makes mincemeat out of American cultural icons and skewers the hell out of their own ethnic heritage - all the while showing the links between the two" Back Stage West; "Just beyond the laughs unsettling truths linger. The most sizzling theatre in town" San Francisco Chronicle"
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