Western Political Theory in the Face of the Future

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März 1993



Demonstrates that the major traditions of thought from which the political values of the modern West have emerged are all, in crucial respects, incoherent or flawed.


1. Democratic theory; 2. Liberalism; 3. Nationalism; 4. Revolution? 5. Conclusion (1992).


From reviews of the first edition: 'He has begun to show cogently in a quite new way why conventional political theory is now a subject of great political relevance. He does so in a short book of immense learning, carefully organised around a central argument.' Alisdair MacIntyre, he London Review of Books 'Filled with thought-provoking challenges to many accepted views ... Anyone who begrudges the two or three hours it takes to read it simply can't be interested in the political values by which we supposedly live.' Alan Ryan, The Listener '... a massively erudite critical conspectus of the state of political thought at the present time. This is a rich and subtle book, powerfully argued and replete with brilliant offhand remarks'. Political Studies 'Dunn writes like Mozart.' Tribune
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