Blueprints for Thinking: The Role of Planning in Cognitive Development

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The volume offers a comprehensive review and critical analysis of research and theory on the development of planning ability.


List of contributors; Foreword Jerome Kagan; Acknowledgements; Part I. The Prevalence of Planning: 1. The planning construct in the psychological literature Ellin Kofsky Scholnick and Sarah L. Friedman; 2. Planning in cross-cultural settings Robert A. Randall; Part II. Models and Conceptions of Planning: 3. A cognitive-developmental model of planning Richard De Lisi; 4. Plans and planning: their motivational and cognitive antecedents Shulamith Kreitler and Hans Kreitler; 5. Social aspects of planning Jacqueline J. Goodnow; Part III. Children's Skills of Planning: 6. Conceptions and processes of planning: the developmental perspective Shulamith Kreitler and Hans Kreitler; 7. Planning in a chore-sheduling task Roy D. Pea and Jan Hawkins; 8. Children's adjustment of plans to circumstances Barbara Rogoff, Mary Gauvain and William Gardner; 9. Action planning competencies during adolescence and early adulthood Michael Dreher and Rolf Oerter; 10. Cognitive and social variables in the plan of action Louis Oppenheimer; Part IV. Influences on Planning: 11. Familial influences on planning Ann V. McGillicuddy-De Lisi, Richard De Lisi, Janice Flaugher and Irving E. Sigel; 12. Social influences on representational awareness: plans for representing and plans as representation Rodney R. Cocking and Carol E. Copple; Part V. Instruction of Planning: 13. Instruction in problem solving and planning Martin V. Covington; Part VI. Conclusion: 14. Reflections on reflections: what planning is and how it develops Sarah L. Friedman, Ellin Kofsky Scholnick and Rodney R. Cocking; Name index; Subject index.


"To summarize, Blueprints for Thinking provides an important preliminary effort at broadening the scope of our understanding of planning." Contemporary Psychology
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