Space, the Final Frontier?

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Februar 2003



Discusses the opportunities and methods for the exploration and exploitation of space by human beings.


Introduction; 1. Space today; 2. The gateway to space; 3. Cities and factories in space?; 4. Robots in the solar system; 5. Back to the Moon; 6. Mars, the Red Planet; 7. Exploitation of the solar system; 8. Beyond the pillars of Hercules; 9. Other lives, other civilisations; 10. Towards a galactic civilisation; Appendices.


Aeronautical and aerospace engineer based at the Technical University of Turin, Italy. Visiting Professor at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France, and at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK.


' ... this is probably one of the best examinations of what could happen next available in print. Space factories, missions both manned and robotic, various new kinds of propulsion and space-based power for the Earth are all covered. ... definitely recommended reading for anyone wondering what's likely to happen over the next century or two.' Nick Chang, Focus 'Overall, though, this is a significant contribution to a debate that should concern us all.' Astronomy and Geophysics '... this book is a rewarding read and thought provoking too ...'. Spaceflight 'This is a good read and the authors discuss a wide range of subjects well. With such a wide remit one might consider a specialist book preferable but this publication meets its aims well, with a clear and highly readable style ... This is an excellent book and I can thoroughly recommend it.' Astronomy Now
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