Ears on Fire: Snapshot Essays with Poems

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Dezember 2002



Poetry. This book is an album, a journal and a recollection. The idea was to travel around the world, meet poets, work on translations and write poems. "My wife Margaret and I traveled approximately 34,229 miles by planes, trains, tuk-tuks, bemos, ferries, broken down Chinese night buses and rickshaws." Along the way are encounters with the Princess of Thailand, The Pink Man, Shilendra K. Singh in Kathmandu, Tibetan monks in China cheating at cards, Xuan Xe of the Naxi Music Orchestra, the Poet's Corner at Westminster Abbey, the mystic barber of SelA[a¬Auk in Turkey, a sandal-maker poet in Greece, the Nubian Insect Poet of Tuscany, in Paris with George Whitman at Shakespeare & Company, a visit to Garcia Lorca's home, Geraldo Rivera, and more! This isn't Basho's journey to the far north, this is Gary's stumble into the big picture, cracking out of the nutshell, hopping on to the blank page.


Gary Mex Glazner

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