Fish pies and French fries, Vegetables, Meat and Something Sweet

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November 2013



Cooking dinner on a daily basis can be tricky. Add shortage of time, lack of inspiration, spiralling food prices and a fussy little eater (or two) to the mix and it seems practically impossible. But the good news is there are still dozens of wholesome, tasty, tried and tested recipes for you and your family to enjoy without breaking the bank or spending too much time shopping and cooking. This book is full of economical, uncomplicated everyday recipes and tips for busy people everywhere - so if you've got LESS money than sense, help is at hand.


1. GOOD BEGINNINGS; Store cupboard ingredients; Fridge and Freezer; Herbs & Spices; Chillies; Stock; Quantities; Servings; Measuring; Oven temperatures; Equipment; 2. MOOD FOOD; Classics; Comfort Food; Curry; Cool Dinners; Credit Crunch Cuisine; Kids's Favourites; 3. LOOSE ENDS; Leftovers; Potatoes; Take One (Easy options for one or two people); FOR STARTERS, MAINS AND JUST DESSERTS; 3 course dinner party menus; 5. SOMETHING SWEET; Desserts and Puddings; 6. A LOT ON YOUR PLATE; Six 5-day weekly menus


'Whilst she is a total expert at creating delicious food from very meagre shopping lists, she equally refuses to compromise on the quality of the meals she rustles up... brilliant, simple recipes...great little book.' Easy Living. 'Another no nonsense and no excuses recipe book for excellent family food. The more I read Gill's philosophy of food the more I felt liberated. This book has everything from bread making to cooking with kids to producing impressive dinners, all on a tight budget without too much fuss. A real Mrs. Beaton for our times.' www.ukparentslounge.com. 'There are recipe books out there that highlight affordable recipes, but none as well balanced as this one.' www.student-express.co.uk. 'With even more healthy, home made food, weekly menu planners and store cupboard shopping lists, Gill Holcombe one again provides invaluable tried and tested tips.' Country Kitchen. 'Inexpensive, filling and pretty healthy - then you'll find much in here to get your tummy rumbling. Alongside the well-loved standards are other tasty offerings which would fit the mid-week meal slot perfectly.' www.healthy-eating-made-easy.com. 'Popular family food recipes, good healthy home cooking with a modern twist...offers quick meals with easy to find ingredients with an emphasis on recipes with lots of taste to get the family eating.' www.theculinaryguide.co.uk. 'Would make the perfect stocking filler for the busy mum or dad trying to feed a family on a budget.' www.riskcollective.com. 'There's some good snippets of general information but the recipes are the star. It's well worth speeding through and then keeping in the kitchen to refer to as you need - the left over recipes are excellent as well.' www.lowcostliving.co.uk. 'A brilliant buy, and a permanent addition to my cookbook collection.' www.dooyoo.co.uk. 'The recipes are simple yet nutritious, many show how to use up leftovers effectively, and nearly all will be loved by kids.' Taste Britain. 'When i first got the book i thought oh another recipe book to add to the collection. but this one i have to say is the best one i've had yet.' 'This one is fab! Its full of tasty, nutritious meals that appeal to the whole family.' 'It's refreshing to see a recipe/cook book which isn't really strict with the quantites of each ingredient you use so you can adapt depending on how many you're cooking for. All in all a great book.' Member Reviews www.thebabywebsite.com. 'Excellent, especially for busy mums who can find it hard to find the time to think up new recipes. It really is a must have in every kitchen.' www.theschoolrun.com.


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Untertitel: Affordable, everyday food and family-friendly recipes made easy. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Little, Brown Book Group
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2013
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