Materials and Components of Interior Architecture

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For courses in Interior Design

Materials and Components of Interior Architecture, Eighth Edition, offers a unique look at interior design,fully covering the exciting breadth of nonstructural materials available to interior designers. With an eye on the environment, it instills a firm understanding of the products, properties, and uses of all materialsùfrom floors, walls, and ceilings to installation and recycling. Going beyond paint and carpet, it explores over 27 different floorings and devotes separate chapters to kitchens and baths. Filled with the latest information from manufacturers, suppliers, and associations, it provides students with the knowledge to creatively engage the ônuts and boltsö of interior designùboth in terms of structure and style.


1. Environmental Concerns 2. Paints and Wallcoverings 3. Carpet 4. Wood 5. Walls 6. Ceilings 7. Other Components 8. Cabinet Construction 9. Kitchens 10. Bathrooms
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