Myths of the Norsemen

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April 1994



The great Norse sagasNOdin's wanderings, Thor's hammer, the death of BaldurNare full of adventures, magic, and heroic deeds. Peopled with Frost Giants and Valkyries, Norns, and all the gods of Asgard, this collection brings to life the harsh but exciting world of the old Norsemen. Includes an Introduction from the award-winning author of "Dark Matter."


Michelle Paver (www.michellepaver.com) is the bestselling, award-winning author of "Dark Matter," the Chronicls of Ancient Darkness, and the upcoming Gods and Warriors series, among other books. Roger Lancelyn Green (author) was a British author primarily known for his retellings of Greek and Egyptian myths, including "Tales of the Greek Heroes," "The Tales of Troy," and "Tales of Ancient Egypt."
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