Foreign Exchange and Banking and Its Application in Ethiopia

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Dezember 2012



This text will give you substantial sight towards foreign exchange operation of a developing country-Ethiopia, ....The country in an effort to reflect the economic setting and development of the country and external trade, the foreign exchange regime of the country has experienced gradual changes and openness over the years. With this aim and per the mandate given to it, the National Bank of Ethiopia has issued several directives and guidelines; from administrative foreign exchange allocation and pricing to auction system and inter-bank market with measures of significant devaluations, transfer of micromanagement and operation of foreign exchange transaction to commercial banks etc. Despite this, there is still parallel market operation in the country. And lots of homework yet not finished to the National Bank of the country. ...read more, it is valuable book, hence,I recommend to you, reaserchers, graduate, under-graguate level students, practitioners, and those interested to picture in the functioning of Forex in a country where the financial sector is underdeveloped.


[Education]:Agricultural Economics Masters Student,BA in Economics(With Great Distinction),Teaching, major Geography.[Experience]:Morethan 10 years in Financial Sector,from Expert to senior Management Level(Currently: Credit Operation Manager,Wisdom Micro-financing Institution), Project coordination, at UN-WFP.
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Untertitel: A review on Ethiopia's Foreign Exchange operation and its limitation and existence of parallel market till yet. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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