Production Planning Problem Under Uncertainty

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Dezember 2012



In this book, we developed a new planning problem to minimize the lost demands and thus maximize revenues. For the first time, we construct the production planning problem with interval numbers as uncertainty in both of the objective function and constrain. The book contains five chapters. Chapter I presents a survey on some important concepts of the production planning problem (PPP). Chapter II introduces two different models of PPP under uncertainty. Chapter III presents two different approaches of PPP. Chapter IV propose an optimization model for PPP having uncertain variable coefficients in both of objective function and constraints. Chapter V introduce the summary and conclusions of the book


I was born and raised in Egypt at 29-03-1982.I have one daughter.She is all my life.The author's name is Marwa Sh.Elsayed.I graduated from science faculty at July 2004.I received master degree in mathematics from Al-Azhar University at Oct.2010.I was a lecturer at a King Saud university in Saudi Arabian.Currently,assistant lecturer at Univ.in Egypt
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